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Sadly, the plugin is really, really slow which makes it pretty unusable to me. There is no question that the language is beautiful but the tools aren’t. Enter vim. I’m already using vim for everything other than Java so I hunted around the web in order to find plugins. I’ve. derekwyatt/vim-scala: for syntax highlighting Scala and sbt source files. Assuming vim-plug is used another plugin manager like vundle works too, update your ~/.vimrc to include the following settings. I noticed that when I save.scala files with the janus plugin for vim installed, that this attempts to compile the file and located any compilation errors. Does anyone know how to disable this?

" Vim indent file " Language: Scala The Scala Programming Language " Maintainer: Stefan Matthias Aust " Last Change: 2006 Apr 13 if exists"b:did_indent" finish endif let b:did_indent = 1 setlocal indentexpr=GetScalaIndent setlocal i. Install vim plugins for scala. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Plugins I Use. Scala Plugin - I'm the sole maintainer of this thing. If you're looking to help out, or even just file some issues, please do! CtrlP Plugin - I used to use FuzzyFinder but was swayed to change due to the awesomeness not to mention the active development of CtrlP. plugin VIM and Scala — indentation problems? vim scala language server 1 With the indent/scala.vim from the current release I have the same outcome.

His plugins were loading, but he just did not realize it, because the plugins were not changing any obvious, visible Vim settings. share improve this answer edited May 23 '17 at 11:57. For instance, it requires Vim-scala for managing syntax, a command line fzf program and code compiling the plugin. With all the three plugins, your VIM editor will do a fantastic job. With all the three plugins, your VIM editor will do a fantastic job. intellijIDEA手动安装Scala插件目录:查看Idea的版本号下载与Idea版本匹配的Scala插件包下载超链接将下载好的包放入Idea的Plugins路径下离线安装Scala插件查看Ide. 博文 来自: bigcharsen的博客. I’m using Vim as an IDE for Golang, Python, Scala and Erlang kind of developments. Also using ideavim plugin which enables me to use vim key movements and features in Intellij IDEA and Android.

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