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Hypothetically, the only place where spaces or other non-digits could occur would be in the original input data. In that case, I might use a "de-edit" MOVE to recover the number then proceed with the transformation knowing there are no embedded spaces. The older post had both alpha-numeric and numeric fields, Though not stated, the embedded. MOVE is such a crucial COBOL reserved word. Simple syntax for MOVE is: MOVE identifier-1 literal-1 TO identifier-2. We can move smaller field to bigger field We cannot move bigger field to smaller field. If so, value will be truncated. Alphanumeric Move: 01 var-1 pic x10 value 'RAMANA' 01 var-2 pix x10. MOVE. 23/02/2012 · re: initialise vs move spaces. by BillyBoyo » Thu Feb 23, 2012 3:56 pm If you have a whole bunch of COMP fields, and no others, subordinate to a group item, there will be no quicker way to initialise them than by moving low-values to the group item.

Find the first non space character in the source field, then do a. MOVE SOURCE-FLD FIRST-NON-BLANK: TO DEST-FLD. When you use a subscript without a size as in 3: it will move all. En raison de limitations techniques, la typographie souhaitable du titre, « COBOL: Opérations sur les chaînes COBOL/Opérations sur les chaînes », n'a pu être restituée correctement ci-dessus. > Hi, >I'm searching for a MS-COBOL routine that removes all >spaces from a string. Does anyone know where I can find it ? >Or can someone help me writing such a procedure. move spaces to user-input perform show-text move ' a b c' to user-input perform show-text move 'use all 30 characters -----x' to user-input perform show-text goback. show-text. perform varying i from length of user-input by -1 until i less than 1 or user-inputi:1 not = ' ' end-perform if i > zero display user-input1:i '@ other stuff' else display '@ other stuff' end-if. In MOVE Operation, if the source data-item is too small to fit into the destination data-item fully, the remaining area is blankedB out if alphanumeric move or zeroed outif numeric move. 3. When moving to a numeric data-item, the contents are always right-justified, for digits before the decimal pointto the left, and left-justified for digits after the decimal point.

COBOLである漢字(全角)項目でスペース か 初期値initialize値)が入っている場合があります。スペースか初期値か判断したいです。 abc pic n03.if abc = space move nc"あああ" TO ABCend-if. 03/05/2002 · MOVE 'X' TO VARIABLE MOVE ALL 'X' TO VARIABLE In the first instance, a single 'X' is left justified in VARIABLE, with space fill to the right. In the second instance, all character positions in VARIABLE will contain 'X'. Want a quick separation line in a report? Consider WRITE REPORT-LINE FROM ALL '_' AFTER 1. Tom Morrison. move zero to a(aの領域全てに0が設定される ②space,spaces move space to a(aの領域全てにブランクが設定される ③low-value,low-values move low-value to a(aの領域全てにnullが設定される move all x”00″ to a(aの領域全てにnullが設定される aの領域のbitが全て0になることです。. Move Verb. Move verb is used for copying the data from source to destination data. It is used on both elementary and group data items. MOVE CORRESPONDING/CORR is used for group data items. MOVE CORR may not work on some online tools but it will work on a mainframe server. MOVEx:l is used for moving the data from a string. Where, x is the starting position and l is length. DELIMITED BY SPACE will add part of source string until first space encountered. For example Input string contains value - “This is Example string” If you want full string in the output field, use BY SIZE option as shown below. DELIMITED BY SIZE -> “This is Example String” If you want only first word from the sentence, use BY SPACE.

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